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An Ode to Spring in Lithuania: You're Glorious

Updated: May 17

Let's be honest here at Into the Forests I Go.

Do I miss the constant, warm May sun and good weather in the American South at this time of year?

Yes, yes, I do.

And don't even get me started on crawfish boils.

But there's something so precious and fleeting about the bursting spring in Lithuania - crazy pops of purple and white lilacs, psychedelic European chestnut flowers, tiny blue hyacinths. It's honestly glorious. The other morning, I trotted around the forest with Audrey and could not believe the beauty. I felt like I was being transported into another world - like I'd walked through a portal. It was that beautiful.

I don't take this for granted - not after such long winters!

So today, I'm compelled to share images from one of my favorite seasons here in Lithuania, including the aurora borealis the other night! While it was amazing how many people could view it around the world, there was something so special about being able to walk outside and straight into the forest for a light show all our own.

People ask me all the time why and how we ended up in Lithuania, and it's pretty easy to point to moments like that and say: this.

And now that The Scientist and I have a friend visiting from back home, I have another reflection point from an American perspective. I'm admiring how people in this city live: well. We take our sunny days and our flowers and our blue skies and our sour cherry margaritas with Tajin and our lakes and we drop everything and GO - as best we can. On the other side of the coin, in a recent meetup with friends, we all discussed the pressure we can feel to get outside and enjoy it - even if we're not feeling it. "It's so fleeting - how can I waste this opportunity?"

So there's a delicate balance. I certainly don't advocate for plastic smiles; y'all know this about me. People in my world seem to be able to honor their needs maybe even especially because it's blooming outside.

Okay, I'll admit it: this post has both selfish and selfless origins: I want to be able to look back diaristically in the still of winter to remember: this comes back around again and Life is still happening no matter the season. No special stories today: the story is my reverence for nature and appreciation for Lithuania.

And today, that feels like more than enough.

How about you? How are you doing in your corner of the world? Do you have any upcoming Summer Solistice plans? Did you get to see the aurora borealis? (I hope so! Feel free to share those pictures to my Instagram DMs!)

That's it for today - I'll see you all soon with more stories and musings. Until next time, my friends, and be kind to one another. Viso!

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Jess B
Jess B
May 19

Lovely. 🥰 Sour cherry margarita with Tajin?! Sounds amazing. There isn’t a lot of cherry stuff in Sweden so this southern girl misses her cherry pies and sour cherries soaked in bourbon! 🍒


May 17

So beautiful there. And in the American south, in Texas where I live. Thank you for including your greyhound in the photos. That's such a highlight for me as I work with greyhound rescue. Lorrie

May 17
Replying to

Audrey loves being featured on this blog, as long as it means extra pets are coming her way. :) Thank you for working in the greyhound rescue space! And I agree - it's beautiful here.

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