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My Favorite Coffee Shops in Vilnius

Updated: Jan 26, 2022

Well, my friends, I've officially crossed over the three month mark here in Vilnius - what!? - and the colder, fall weather has really set a precedent for coziness. I'm happy to sink right into it, because I drink a ton of tea on the daily. Nettles, lemon balm, chai, jasmine green - it's kind of my thing. But here in Vilnius, I noticed one thing right away: No Starbucks.

Yeah, y'all heard me right - not a single Starbucks in the whole country. (How very European of you, Lithuania!)

And, I mean, I'm not too mad. Back in Texas, I was more interested in tacos, queso, and fresh smoothies, as it were. But Vilnius is a whole 'nother animal, y'all. Here, I'm surrounded by the European smells of kava - coffee. And because I'm a freelancer, I get to explore coffee shops pretty often, so I figured I'd take you along for the ride. Without further adieu!

  1. Mint Vinetu - While I'm not technically rating these spots, this Old Town coffee shop does automatically earn a number one slot due to also being a bookstore. It throws off some real Trident Booksellers & Cafe vibes - a huge compliment coming from a former Boulderite. There were books coming out of the shop's pores, but it also featured a piano and guitar that gave me huge heart eyes. My sweet friend, Agnė, tipped me off to the grungy, psychedelic Alice in Wonderland painting in their bathroom, and she didn't disappoint. If you're in Vilnius and you'd like to exist in a Beauty in the Beast library fever dream, this is your spot.

  2. Coffee Circus Piano - Finally got to scratch this one off my Vilnius Coffee Shop Bingo card yesterday, and I'm incredibly glad I did. It was quirky and laid-back, but the homey industrial aesthetic and friendly barista gave this one a well-deserved edge. I tried something new and ordered hemp tea, which can be too bitter on its own but shined with the addition of milk and a sweetener. A perk of this coffee shop was its location: I could look directly outside and see information about Vilnius Jewish history (always appreciated!), as well as one of my favorite statues in town. I'll be back here!

  3. Caffeine - Vilnius does have its share of "lower-end" coffee shops - I struggle to call them this - but my favorite is easily Caffeine. It doesn't have the pretension of a hipster joint (looking at you, Epoch Coffee!), but it's somehow both classy and accessible. ... You wanna know my real favorite reason for Caffeine, besides its excellent plant placement? They have my basic American friend, the pumpkin spice latte. I'm not a huge PSL drinker, nor am I a huge coffee snob, but as an expat, I'm effing delighted by the accessibility and novelty. So, +10 points for you, Caffeine! And none for Gretchen Weiners, bye.

Did you really think I was gonna walk away without some Honorable Mentions, though?

For an incredible dirty chai (way better than Starbucks!), I head to the downtown Chaika (see above!). And for a gift to my senses, I sit down at Cafe Toranj and order their saffron tea with some rock sugar and baklava. (Sidenote: their food is INCREDIBLE, and yes, worthy of full capitalization.) But more than any other honorable mention, I feel like I have to mention Sugamour. Beyond Cafe Toranj, I can't think of anywhere else I've frequented most. Sure, they're technically a restaurant with gorgeous floral displays, but at every brunch I've attended here, my friends are ordering kava left and right. It certainly deserves a spot on this list as much as the others.

If you live in Vilnius and have others to recommend, let me know! I'm always looking for new places to explore and zone out to KUTX 98.9. Next week, let's talk about Halloween, shall we? I'll bring the pumpkin!

Viso gero!

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1 Comment

Agnė Radzevičiūtė
Agnė Radzevičiūtė
Feb 13, 2022

I've just flagged the one with Piano for the next time I'm in Vilnius. It's a pity that Torajn has permanently closed, I've never eaten there :(

My personal absolute favourite is Caika! I love their vegan pastry (can't find better cakes elsewhere) and sandwiches (the one with beetroot is my favorite, the pulled jackfruit is great too and could trick a regular meat eater :D). Their place for working is very cozy/ comfy (I prefer the one in Pylimo street).

Cuproom cffe - has very good selection of coffee.

I frequent Hurracan Coffee too because, although a chain, sells good coffee and often on a way ;)

Rastine - cool concept as it is a stationery store (with really…

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