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What If I Don't Need to Set New Year's Resolutions?: Expat Version

Updated: Jan 26, 2022

Truth be told, it's been a quiet week here on the home front, my friends. Did I do that intentionally?

Uh, you bet I did.

It was time for a reset after our trip overseas - and I know I'm not the only one who needed the Slow Down. For my own part, I gave myself permission to take a break from the hustle hustle hustle culture of New Years Resolutions (green juice! exercise! detox! socialize! THRIVE!) and just let myself... be. We're still in the silence of winter in the Northern Hemisphere, and my circadian rhythms haven't let me forget - nor has my body let me forget I just pushed through a huge trip.

Sure, I've meditated on intentions for this new cycle - but I won't be pushing. (You'll tear a muscle if you don't stretch before you sprint, ya know?) Just one small step a day, quiet and determined - rest and rejuvenation are an important part of the creative process.

I'm shifting with the weather and my own spirit.

Photo by Ely, Georgia

So, with this in mind, I've come with an inquiry or two. Bring a pen and paper, or your phone's notepad:

  • In what ways can you drop the excess - what you think you need - and focus on the voice inside yourself? (Deeper breaths? Taking time to rest? A specific type of exercise that gets you in your flow? Creative expression?)

  • What does the voice inside you have to say - about your heart's true needs?

  • Is this voice gentle and compassionate?

  • If you catch your own thoughts critiquing you (sneaky!), ask for the lesson beneath the words and send yourself compassion. Repeat as needed.

Your inner voice may say it needs rest, it may say it wants to start a new routine - or any other tidbit. Maybe if you're quiet enough, you'll receive the next steps for your financial or emotional wellness. Trust in the wisdom of your self to assist in your personal growth.

What if you don't feel like you just don't have time to sit down and listen to your heart for guidance and direction? In this case, I'd suggest breathing quietly for one minute - just one minute - and allow yourself to slow down your mind and nervous system. Just repeat this whenever you can - even if it means setting a daily reminder on your phone. Over time, the mind clouds will clear and you may get a glimpse of what you really desire. It's never too late to listen in.

I know next week will be more active - it's the cycle of my life. But, my inner voice told me to rest this week (to mitigate potential burnout) and to take mindful steps one day at a time for my goals. I'll be participating in this free mindfulness challenge over the next 28 days - feel free to join in and let me know how it goes for you!

With love from Vilnius until next time - viso gero!

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