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When You're Sailing: A Practice in Patience

Welcome back to Into the Forests I Go, my brave little internet corner to share my life and adventures with you.

We're taking a break this week from my epic Eurotrip to share some newer adventures here in Lithuania.

First of all, congratulations are in order because The Scientist and I took a big plunge and bought a flat - yes, I say words like 'flat' now. ;) Beyond the summertime travel and adventures, we've been busy packing, moving, and unpacking our lives: you can see why I've been so absent! Life has been Lifing.

Now that we're in the process of warming our house, I wanted to swoop in today to share about something unexpected that happened this weekend: sailing.

If you remember my post on lazying down the Neris River a few weeks ago, you'll probably guess that I didn't join in on the sailing this time - and you'd be right.

But it feels like some missing puzzle piece is cozying itself into place - similar to how I felt when we met our motorcycle neighbors.

Way back in 2021, before moving a third of the way around the world, The Scientist knew the time was imminent to sell his sailboat. He's been sailing his whole life, and I'd never known him without a boat. It should also be noted that, while I've been on a number of these sailing trips, I was initially disappointed to learn that he had a bare-bones catamaran instead of a fancy boat. (Where's my fancy boat?) But - he loves the sport and mechanics of it, getting out on the water. Even in the last two years without a boat, I can always count on him to let me know what types of wind constitute a good sailing day.

Much like with motorcycles and music, it's taken time and patience for us to organically and inorganically meet our people - the ones we click with, share activities with, and in my case, share memes with. I've written extensively about friend dating in the past so I won't be focusing on it today, but suffice to say: when you're uprooting your life and starting over, these things can take time.

... Which is why I was so intrigued when, a few days ago, The Scientist let me know he'd finally met someone to go sailing with. I eyed him curiously and looked him up and down, unsure if this day would ever come. Turns out: I was there when it rooted! I'd joined him at one of his many conferences this past week, where a talk eventually led to his connecting with the right sailing enthusiasts.

And that's how we made our way out to Trakai for a day on the water (him) and a day with new conversation (me).

Even as someone who isn't an avid sailor, I get a lot from the experience as a participant or bystander - moving with the wind in my own way. While I was hanging out with a new friend as he sailed, I saw three boats in a row, the last one being towed with its mast halfway down.

Somehow, I shook my head and knew this half-down mast was my husband - and I was right.

Because of the boat type, something had snapped the sail and my husband ended up in the water.

But you know what he said to me when he got back on land?

He was glad to have gotten in the water, said it was part of the experience - and he said it all with a glimmer to his eyes. This wasn't a roadblock to his mind - just something to move with. Life has presented me plenty of these opportunities lately, so I was really glad for the immediacy of a lesson that didn't involve me ending up in Trakai Lake in front of a 14th-century castle.

For now, I'm just glad he's finally found some nice people to sail with, and that I get to enjoy it whichever way I choose.

Moral of the story? There's really something to the balance of being patient and taking initiative when you move somewhere new. Let things grow as they grow, but keep watering at a good pace.

Every blade of grass has its Angel that bends over it and whispers, “Grow, grow.” – The Talmud

Even if you end up in the water for a bit, you can always get right back up.

And as per usual, feel free to subscribe at the bottom of this page to receive a bi-weekly email from me on whatever's on my heart that day! And as always, I'll see you next time here at Into the Forests I Go - iki pasimatymo - see you soon!


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