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An Ode to My Sweet International Greyhound on her Birthday

More than any of the three of us (myself, The Scientist, and Audrey, our greyhound), I think Audrey has picked the tallest straw from this move. Don't get me wrong: we've got our own shares of beauty (um hello, blueberry season!), but this dog has it made.

She roams around in forests nearly every day since our move, she lounges with us in restaurants as we remove our fast-paced American conditioning, she gets all kinds of foraged treats, and Europe is just generally very pet-friendly. The only thing she doesn't get to do is ride on the motorcycle, and y'all know my husband has already considered buying her a side-car for that exact reason.

If you'll take a trip down memory lane with me, it wasn't easy moving her around the world - but I honestly can't imagine this country without her. Whenever someone here meets her, they inevitably ask, "Is she always this calm!?" (Yes!) So, in honor of my sweet greyhound who inspires me daily with her ability to relax for hours on end (#goals!), I'd love to share a few photos of Audrey for her fifth birthday. Such a strange, goofy walking melatonin pill.

Her first day in town saw plenty of pets in Užupis.

She's been to the sea coast, plenty of lakes, more trails than I can count, traveled on the bus, received pets and smiles from old Lithuanian ladies who can't speak a lick of English, and oh yeah - traversed across an entire ocean with us for the biggest move of her life. The very first phrase I learned how to say - in a practical sense - is "my dog is friendly." She's a bridge to new worlds and new friendships, and she doesn't even know it or care. Her only expectation is a bowl to lick at the end of the day. I can't say enough about this resilient, derpy cuddle puddle of a dog, and I hope you all know how many treats she's already received today!

Have you moved your pet overseas? Have you considered a huge move and feel intimidated that it'll traumatize your pet? Take Audrey as proof that it can be done, and that your pet can thrive in a new world!

And now, I'm off to give her a birthday cookie I baked for her last night! Until next time, viso gero, and please be kind to each other. We could all use a bit more kindness.


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